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#2774 Individuals should be able to store additional data abeham feature request high Optimization 3.3.14
#2778 Shuffling manipulation in the DataPreprocessing does not work as expected gkronber defect high DataPreprocessing 3.3.14
#745 More advanced linear regression methods with included feature selection mkommend feature request medium Algorithms.DataAnalysis 3.3.14
#2258 Executable.Start executes it asynchronously abeham enhancement medium Optimization 3.3.10
#2438 Remove outdated branches architects task medium ### Undefined ### 3.3.12
#2592 MO-CMA-ES for Realnumbered Problem pfleck feature request medium Algorithms.CMAEvolutionStrategy 3.3.13
#2684 Implement TreeView for nested Parameters jkarder feature request medium ### Undefined ### 3.3.14
#2686 Support for time lags in constant optimizer mkommend feature request medium Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic 3.3.14
#2688 Encoding is not forwarded to the table file parser while importing CSV files gkronber defect medium Problems.Instances 3.3.14
#2694 Lazy-loading of the ExportDialog in the EnchancedChart abeham enhancement medium Visualization.ChartControlsExtensions 3.3.14
#2697 Refactor certain parts for data-based modeling mkommend enhancement medium Problems.DataAnalysis 3.3.14
#2700 t-Distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding abeham feature request medium Algorithms.DataAnalysis branch
#2706 Binary problems should include similarity calculators for population diversity analysis jkarder enhancement medium Problems.Binary 3.3.14
#2713 Configuration Context Menu for DataTableView and ScatterPlotView abeham enhancement medium Analysis.Views 3.3.14
#2715 Multiple Histogram DataRows in DataTableView abeham feature request medium Algorithms.DataAnalysis.Views 3.3.14
#2718 View to analyze residuals over the rows of the dataset for regression solutions mkommend feature request medium Problems.DataAnalysis.Views 3.3.14
#2730 Add similarity calculators and equality comparers for encodings jkarder enhancement medium Encodings 3.3.14
#2737 TSPLIBInstanceProvider only sets best known quality if also optimal tour is known abeham enhancement medium Problems.Instances 3.3.14
#2744 Add content and view for Gantt visualization jkarder enhancement medium Analysis 3.3.14
#2755 For gradient boosted trees with LogisticRegressionLoss the threshold for the discriminant function should be set to zero. mkommend enhancement medium Algorithms.DataAnalysis 3.3.14
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