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#2650 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Support for categorical variables (R factors) for symbolic regression with GP gkronber 7 days
#2670 Problems.DataAnalysis.Views Target Response Gradient charts should be renamed gkronber 2 weeks
#2686 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Support for time lags in constant optimizer gkronber 2 weeks
#2688 Problems.Instances Encoding is not forwarded to the table file parser while importing CSV files gkronber 3 weeks
#2697 Problems.DataAnalysis Refactor certain parts for data-based modeling gkronber 7 days
#2698 DataPreprocessing.Views Multi-Scatterplot in Preprocessing crashes HL with high number of variables gkronber 2 weeks
#2694 Visualization.ChartControlsExtensions Lazy-loading of the ExportDialog in the EnchancedChart pfleck 2 weeks
#2737 Problems.Instances TSPLIBInstanceProvider only sets best known quality if also optimal tour is known swagner 2 weeks
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