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#745 Algorithms.DataAnalysis More advanced linear regression methods with included feature selection gkronber 6 days
#2670 Problems.DataAnalysis.Views Target Response Gradient charts should be renamed gkronber 7 weeks
#2686 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Support for time lags in constant optimizer gkronber 7 weeks
#2688 Problems.Instances Encoding is not forwarded to the table file parser while importing CSV files gkronber 8 weeks
#2697 Problems.DataAnalysis Refactor certain parts for data-based modeling gkronber 6 weeks
#2713 Analysis.Views Configuration Context Menu for DataTableView and ScatterPlotView pfleck 42 hours
#2724 Data.Views EnumValueView should consider the FlagsAttribute mkommend 4 weeks
#2737 Problems.Instances TSPLIBInstanceProvider only sets best known quality if also optimal tour is known swagner 7 weeks
#2744 Analysis Add content and view for Gantt visualization abeham 9 days
#2748 Algorithms.ParticleSwarmOptimization PSO doesn't update the PersonalBest abeham 14 hours
#2757 Problems.DataAnalysis Provide friction test datasets as regression problem instances gkronber 4 weeks
#2758 Optimization.Views RunCollectionView is too slow mkommend 6 days
#2774 Optimization Individuals should be able to store additional data mkommend 6 days
#2791 Hive.Slave Checkpointing within Hive slaves should be improved jkarder 2 weeks
#2792 Algorithms.GeneticAlgorithm Genetic algorithm should choose a mutation operator by default abeham 14 hours
#2794 Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding.Views Pad and center tree chart & layout mkommend 7 days
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