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#1614 Implement Generalized Quadratic Assignment Problem abeham feature request highest Problems.QuadraticAssignment 3.3.5
#2679 Trunk integration of GoalSeekingProblem bburlacu feature request high ### Undefined ### 3.3.14
#2726 RunCollectionView for Parameter Analysis swagner feature request high Optimization.Views 3.3.14
#2431 Create algorithm iterator optimizer abeham feature request medium Analysis branch
#2524 It should be possible to pause BasicAlgorithms jkarder feature request medium Optimization 3.3.14
#2547 Unify implementation patterns in OKB service clients abeham defect medium Clients.OKB 3.3.13
#2588 Enable uploading and downloading of solutions in okb abeham feature request medium Services.OKB 3.3.13
#2635 Predict if a child should be rejected during OSGA offspring selection bburlacu defect medium Algorithms.OffspringSelectionGeneticAlgorithm branch
#2646 Integrate Differential Evolution variants into trunk gkronber feature request medium Algorithms 3.3.14
#2651 Integrate igraph in HeuristicLab abeham feature request medium ExtLibs 3.3.14
#2660 Extend VariableNetworkInstances to include problems with no noise and to calculate actual variable relevance gkronber enhancement medium Problems.Instances 3.3.14
#2661 Remove bugs in TableFileParser gkronber defect medium Problems.Instances 3.3.14
#2664 Adapt project files for linux jkarder defect medium General 3.3.14
#2666 Improve Performance of LinearLinkageEncoding sraggl enhancement medium Encodings.LinearLinkageEncoding 3.3.14
#2701 Implementation of MemPR abeham feature request medium Algorithms 3.3.14
#2705 Best-known quality only VRP solutions pfleck enhancement medium Problems.VehicleRouting 3.3.14
#2707 New VRP Operators jzenisek enhancement medium Problems.VehicleRouting branch
#2708 Explore Scope-based BasicAlgorithms abeham enhancement medium Algorithms branch
#2719 Datastream Analysis jzenisek feature request medium Analysis 3.3.14
#2724 EnumValueView should consider the FlagsAttribute pfleck feature request medium Data.Views 3.3.14
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